Some of our major program and achievements:-

Some of the major achievements accomplished since the establishment of Nepal Gelug Committee under the management of three staffs in the first term:

1. Establishment:
On 25th September of 2009, president of Nepal Buddhist Gelugpa Association and Ven. Kuntse Rinpoche, who is an advisor of the Association, went to have an audience with His Holiness the Dalai Lama. During that significant meeting they had a precious opportunity to give presentation regarding the committee and its objectives. As been requested, His Holiness kindly and delightfully gave the formal permission and the letter of approval. As a symbol of auspiciousness and blessing they also received gift from His Holiness and above all His Holiness compassionately gave inexpressively inspiring and invaluable guidance.

2.   Fund Raise Program:
On 28th September of 2009, a fund raising event was organized to support and generate capital (fund) for the Association to meet all the expenditure that occurs in the course of conducting numerous activities. Many devoted and kind sponsors living in Nepal were invited and given the information and its future projects, and not only did they generously contributed to their level best but were full of praise and admiration for our initiative.

3. Establishment of Rules:
In order to lay a firm foundation and realize its objective, on 09th September 2009, the association invited more than thirty individuals that consist of abbots, lamas, managers, teachers and headmasters from monasteries affiliated with the association. The purpose of that conference is to establish rules and regulation of the association and at the end of the conference we were able to form rules and regulations through careful consideration, long discussions and unanimous consensus.

4. First Jang Gunchoe(Winter Debate Sesion)in Kopan Monastery):
On 09th September 2009, more than two hundred students (monks) from affiliated monasteries took part in preliminary round of "Jang-Gunchoe"(an intensive study and debate of inter- monasteries on Buddhist epistemology by master Dharma kirti) at Kopan Monastery for one week. The goal of this event is to improve and deepen the understanding of the major buddhist philosophical texts, and the event was so successful and inspiring that every participants and the philosophy teachers of different monasteries were filled with inspiration and confidence that this extremely beneficial event can be continued annually in the future years with greater intensity and enthusiasm.

Major events accomplished under the management of the 2nd term staff members:

5. Reception Program in Bodh Gaya:
On 4th January 2010, in the most holy place, Bodhgaya, at Kirti Guest House, headed by His Eminence Ganden Tri Rinpoche, ( the representative of  Manjunath Guru Lama Tsongkhapa) His Eminence Kyabje Sharche Rinpoche (the representative of Gyalchap Dharma Rinchen pal-sangpo) and His Eminence Kyabje Jangche Choje Rinpoche (the representative of Khedrup Gelek pal-sanpo) along with the abbots of the three great universities and the president of the Nepal Buddhist Gelugpa Association,  in the presence of those highly distinguished individuals, we were able to give presentation on our activities, objectives and our expected results. The conference was concluded with invaluable talk by His Eminence Ganden Tri Rinpoche, His Eminence Sharje Choje Rinpoche and His Eminence Jangche Choje Rinpoche.

6. First Excellence Award ceremony in Kopan Monastery:
As to encourage and increase the level of students' interest in study, on 24th February 2010 all those students who stood first from different (affiliated) monasteries were awarded a certificate of the best student by His Eminence Kyabje Jangche Choje Rinpoche in the assembly of Sangha on the occasion of the Great Prayer Festival at Kopan Monastery. Thus, we hope that we were able to motivate all the students to work harder with greater interest.

7. Association was officially registered in the Chief District Office and Social Welfare Council:
On 13th September 2010 In accordance with the constitution of the Government of Nepal, Nepal Buddhist Gelugpa Association was officially registered in the Chief District Office and the office of Nepal Social Welfare Council. It is a matter of great joy that the Government of Nepal has recognized Nepal Buddhist Gelugpa Association as an important social welfare association and handed over a certificate of tax exemption.

8. Seminar on Buddhism and Sceince:
On 14th and 15th September 2010, an extremely important seminar on "Dialogue between Buddhism and Science" was jointly organized by Nepal Buddhist Gelugpa Association and (Association for) Himalayan Youth and Women Education. The seminar was conducted especially for Himalayan youths to enable them to enrich and deepen their buddhist knowledge and develop greater interest and enthusiasm in it. During this seminar, two distinguished speakers Venerable Geshe Lhakdor and Mr. Karma Thubten (researcher) from the library of Tibetan Works and Archives in Dharamsala. On the first session, there was an introduction and discussion on the common aspects between Buddhism and Science. During the second session, there was an introduction and discussion on physics and atoms. The third and last session was on psychology and neurology. More than five hundred participants which consist of sangha members of the four major tibetan buddhist traditions, members of Bon tradition, Zonangpa, Pongro Palmo Choding and likewise former and current students of the university took part in the event. It was an extremely beneficial and productive event for everyone present.

9. Second Jang Gunchoe(Winter Debate Sesion)in Dupthop Monastery:
From 20th September 2010 to for the next fifteen days, the (actual) annual Janggunchoe was conducted at Thugje Choeling Monastery, at Swayambhu. On the first day, the ceremony began with recitation of prayers such as Praise to Manjushiri, Ornament of Clear Realization, Supplement to the Middle Way and etc. in the courtyard of Manjushiri's Throne which was headed Ven. Drupthop Rinpoche. Following this was the picture procession of His Holiness the Dalai Lama and offering of scarf to His Holiness throne by the distinguished members of various associations and a short debate was performed for auspiciousness.
During the Jang-gunchoe, ten headmasters and thirteen philosophy teachers undertook the responsibility of supervising the event. More than three hundred students from eight monasteries took part in the great debate gathering, and it was very successful in every aspects. Due to this kind of debate gathering, students are able to bring greater enthusiasm and improvement in the skill of debating and understanding of the great philosophy. And now we are witness to the obvious result. Beside that it was also a great opportunity for the sponsors to delight the holy heart of the Victors by making extensive offerings during the event.

10. Great Gelugpa Examination of Rabjampa Degree:
Nepal Gelugpa Education Forum has started taking the Great Gelugpa Examination of Rabjampa degree on the five Major Buddhist Text in Nepal from this year onwards. The inauguration of the First Examination was held on Sunday 13th of the 11th Tibetan month, 2010. The inauguration function was presided by H.E Lama Zoepa Rinpoche at Kopan Monastery.

The first day inauguration function was attended by H.E Lama Zoepa Rinpoche, Mr. Thinley Gyatso the representative of His Holiness the Dalai Lama in Nepal, the ATP members of the CTA, Venerable Kyabje Drub Thop Rinpoche, Venerable Geshey Lhundup of Kopan Monastery, Khenpos and head administrators of the monasteries, the discipline masters of the monasteries, media people and donors. Altogether there were over two hundred people.

In the afternoon, at 2pm the subject of the Debate examination was set up and the examination was taken on Abhidharma/the treasure of knowledge. On Monday 14th of the 11th Tibetan month, the written examination on the four major text except Pramana / the Valid Cognition was conducted.

On 15th, Tuesday at 9 am, the debate examination on Madhyamaka / Middle Way and Vinaya / Monstic Discipline was taken in the morning. And in the afternoon from 2 pm onwards the Debate Examination on Prajnaparamita / Perfection of Wisdom was taken.

Then on Wednesday, 16th of the Tibetan month, in the afternoon 2 pm, written examination on Religious History and Tibetan Grammatical Text ‘Sum Chu Pa’ was taken.

On Friday morning, 18th of the Tibetan Month, Debate Examination on the First Chapter of the Pramana / Valid Cogniation was taken, and then in the afternoon at 2 pm, Debate Examination on the second chapter of Pramana / Valid Cognition was taken.

So the Great Gelugpa Examination held by the Nepal Gelugpa Education Forum was successfully completed within a week. The conclusion function was presided by Venerable Geshey Lhundup of Kopan Monastery. The philosophy teachers and education directors of the member monasteries attended the function. Venerable Geshey Lhundup gave guidance and advises to the Nepal Gelugpa Education and congratulated all for successful completion of the Great Gelugpa Examination.

In this Examination, twenty students have taken examination. They are from Kopan Monastery, Kopan Nunnery and Chuwar Monastery.

Examination Board:

Venerable Geshey Lobsang Sherab of Kopan Monastery

Venerable Geshey Lobsang Gyaltsen of Shiri Chusang Monastery

Venerable Geshey Thupten Tsundue of Chuwar Monastery

To organize the Examination on the Five Major Buddhist texts or the Five Subjects of Buddhist Philosophy is a very crucial aim and objective of Nepal Gelugpa Education Forum.