Name of the Association:

Nepal Buddhist Gelugpa Association


Advisor of the association:

The lamas, Rinpoches, Chairperson of Nepal Gelug Monlam Prayer Festival and Khenpos of the monasteries which are affiliated to this association.

Origin of association members:

The Gelug monasteries in Nepal who observe well the Vinaya Discipline set by Lord Buddha. Complete abandonment of the propitiation of Dho-rGyal.

Representatives of the association:

The academic in-charges of the monasteries that are affiliated this association.


Five important executive members of this association:

Chairperson, Vice chairperson, Secretary, Treasurer and the accountant.


The board members of this association:

The advisors, academic in-charges or headmasters of the respective monasteries and the executive members of this association are the board members.


The right and responsibility of this association:

To take charge of the education improvement in the affiliated monasteries of this association.


The method of meetings:

For general meeting, which should be held once in a year, all the advisors,  academic in-charges of the respective monasteries and the executive members of the association should attend the general meeting. In the general meeting the annual report and financial account should be presented, seek guidance and advices for future programs. When need compels extra general meetings can be held. Usually the five executive members can do the meetings and whenever necessary the academic in-charges can be invited to the meeting.


The appointment of staff and their tenure:

The academic in-charges or headmasters of the respective member  monasteries become members of this association. The chairperson of the association is considered the most important staff. The criteria one has to fulfill to be elected as the chairperson of this association, the prospective candidate should hold Geshe, Acharya or Rabjamba degree or equivalent. Each monastery sends

prospective name as a preliminary candidate for executive member, and out of the preliminary candidates, the academic in-charges should appoint five executive members, chairman, vice chairman, secretary, treasurer and accountant through voting or by unanimous appointment. The executive members should shoulder the responsibility for three years.


Goals of the association:

  1. To put effort in finding ways and means to improve the dialectic debate education already being studied in the respective member monasteries of the association.
  2. To organize Jang-Gun-Choe debate session annually by assembling the entire strength of students from all the member monasteries.
  3. To issue formal Diploma Degree certifi cate (Tib. Rab-‘Byams-Pa) on Prjanaparmita etc. to the students who complete study in the Five Major Buddhist Sciences.
  4. To issue Excellence Awards to the best students of the respective monasteries and prizes to those who complete memorization of texts and treatises.
  5. To organize programs for giving introduction on Buddhism for the general public.
  6. To publish Buddhist text necessary for the students in the monastery.
  7. To find the financial resource for paying salary to the teachers in the respective monasteries of the association.


Names of the monasteries who are members of this association:

Kyidrong Tashi Samten Ling monastery 1.

Kopan Ogmin Jangchup Choeling monastery 2.

Shelkar Choedhe Gadhen Lekshay Ling monastery 3.

Shiri Chusang Samten Yangste monastery 4.

Chuwar Gadhen Drophen Ling monastery 5.

Drubgon Thukje Choeling monastery 6.

Gadhen Jamgon ling monastery 7.

Phuntsok Choeling monastery 8.

Kyidrong Tsungon Thukje Choeling Nunnery, and 9.

Kopan Tsungon Khachod Gakhel Ling Nunnery. 10.


The names of the second executive staffs from year 2009 to 2012


Venerable Geshey Ngawang Kalsang

Vice president:

Venerable Geshey Gyalten Kunkhyeb


Acharya Gelong Tenzin


Gelong Thupten Rinchen


Ani Ngawang Tendon