1. To organize every year (Jang Gunchoe) winter debate session.

The goal of this event is to improve and deepen the understanding of the five major Buddhist texts, and event was so successful and inspiring that every year participants and the philosophy teachers of different monasteries were filled with inspiration and confidence that this extremely beneficial event can be continued annually in the future years with greater intensity and enthusiasm.

2. To organize every year Nepal Gelugpa Rabjampa’s examination this based on five major Buddhist texts.

3. To offer every year Excellence award for the best students from each monasteries.

To encourage and increase the level of students’ interest in study and all those students who stood first position from different (affiliated) monasteries were awarded a certificate of the best student by head of great Monlam festival.

4. To organize seminar and discussion on Buddhism.

The seminar and discussion organize especially for Youth and Woman to enable them to enrich and deepen their Buddhist knowledge and develop greater interest and enthusiasm in it.