Nepal Buddhist Gelugpa Association is an association of all the Gelug monasteries in Nepal which have no connection at all in the propitiation of DholrGyal. This association was formally established in the year 2009 to improve, sustain and systematize the study of Buddhist Philosophical sciences, particularly the Five Major Buddhist Sciences more than before. This association was not established to compete with other associations, nor with a political goal. This is an association which is not bonded by the eight worldly concerns. The establishment of this association was thought of during the last many years. read more...
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2012 Third Jang Gunchoe (Winter Debate Session) in Gosok Phuntsok Choeling Monastery.
Oct 25, 2012
Since 26th Sebtember 2012 for the next fifteen days,the annual Educational debate program on logical texts (Tib.Jang Gubchoe) was conducted at Gosok Phuntsok Choeling Monastery,at Swoyambhu.On the first day,the program began with recitation of prayers such as Praise to Lord Buddha and praises to Seventeen Pandits of Nalanda and etc. In the courtyard of Phuntsok Choeling Monastery More...
Second Jang Gunchoe (Winter Debate Session) in Shree Chusang Monastery:
Oct 26, 2011
Report on the IInd Jang-Gun-Chos Held in Nepal.
It is stated thus:
The Lord Manjushiri implored Dignaga, and said;
You actually should compose this text--the Parmanavartika treatise;
For this will become the Eye for all beings in the future,
This visionary appearance of words too is held valid.